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Upper West side schools- Rezoning news

Late this week, Department of education spelled out two possible plans to rezone Manhattan’s upper west side schools. ¬†One proposal has the popular PS 452 moving to PS 191’s current location and PS 191 moving to a new building part of Riverside Center complex. This proposal has been met with much opposition as could be predicted. Another proposal has changes being made to the entire district up to the West 100’s.

A vote would have to be passed by December to take place in time for the Fall 2017 school year.

WSJ coverage


Should Morningside Heights be rezoned?

According to DNAInfo, local leaders in CB9 are pushing for a downzoning of Morningside Heights. Concern has grown since both the Upper west side and Harlem have had rezonings to prevent large out of scale towers that are proliferating in many other parts of Midtown especially Midtown. Zoning has not changed in Morningside Heights since 1961.

Should Morningside Heights be rezoned? What’s your opinion?

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