752 West end avenue sold for $146 million

Stellar Management has closed on 752 west end avenue aka The Paris New York for $146 million.  The Art Deco residential building built in the 1930s was a few years ago marketed as condos then the sponsor sold it to another party who has now conveyed it to Stellar. The building remains a rental building with about 200,000 sqft spread over 24 stories. Currently, there are 10 apartments for rent ranging from $3145 for a 480 sqft 1 bedroom/1 bath to $15,495 for a 3 bedroom/3.5 bath 2192 sqft 10th floor apartment.

The Paris New York was originally the Paris Hotel and is located on the corner of 97th street and WEA, close to Riverside Park.

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Is your NYC apartment too hot?

Sunday’s NYT ask real estate column talks about a person who lives in a co-op where the apartment is too hot as a result of being on the ground floor and directly below the heating pipes of the building. As a result, even with all of the radiators off, the apartment is a sultry 80 degrees.  What about if your apartment is on the other end of the extreme and is  too cold? The article outlines the steps you can take to bring the temperature into a more reasonable range.

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Keyless entry coming soon to a building near you

Several keyless entry systems are now catching on in NYC buildings. The app for these systems lets you use your smart phone to gain access to your apartment or common areas such as the gym or amenity spaces.  The benefit is that you do not have to worry about giving keys to dog walkers, delivery people etc… and having to track the keys down.  Also access to the buildings amenities can be added or subtracted with ease. In our building like many others, we use Building Link which allows you to go online and give/take away access easily. Also, we have finger scanners for storage and our gym which work quite well.

The only potential downside of the keyless system is that you will need to figure out what to do if your phone battery dies but according to the article many of the systems have a keypad and you can just enter your custom code anytime.

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