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Affordable luxury condos coming to Upper East side

Developer Ben Shaoul is bringing to market a condo conversion of a rental building at 389 E. 89th street shortly. Prices are very attractive at $1.58 million for a  2 bedroom with 1098 sqft and the least expensive 3 bedroom with 1315 sqft starting will be just under $2 million. Other developers are finally getting the message that the luxury boom is more or less over and it is wise to bring to the market 1-3 bedroom apartments within more Manhattanites budgets. Prices will average about $1596 per sqft according to LINK in this conversion.

The same devloper will launch sales later this month at a conversion at 23rd street and 1st avenue called Luminaire. Prices will average a reasonable $1789 per square foot in this 103 unit condo.