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NYC Developer changes strategy

Gary Barnett, of Extell, the developer that brought to the market One57 is shifting gears according to Bloomberg. Extell is building a condo on the Lower East side of Manhattan and is launching sales in Asia first and will begin sales here in the US early next year. the prices for One Manhattan Square’s condos will be an un super luxury like $1 million to $3 million. At One57, a recording breaking sale closed this year for just north of $100 million.

Extell is being by smart by bringing to market a project that addresses the underserved needs of the affordable luxury market. Thanks to the fact that the land for One Manhattan Square was purchased in 2012 ahead of the spike in land prices, these apartments are going to tap into a market that is in a major shortage. Do you think that Gary Barnett is ahead of the curve again by turning his company’s attention toward a different market segment?