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Citi Bike station on Central Park west moved

The Citi Bike station that was on the sidewalk just south of West 100th street on the western side of the street has been moved to the park side of the street. While some people may mourn the loss of parking spaces, pedestrians who walk to the subway between West 100th street and the B,C train at West 96th street will no doubt have a little more space now that the station is gone. Word is it that Park West Village, the condo development adjacent to the station and locals complained about the location and to their credit DOT moved it to the park side of the street.


Citi Bike installs stations on Upper West side

The Citi Bike stations are now live in the West 90’s. There is a station on West 96th street and Central Park west and also one on West 95th street and Broadway. This makes sense so that instead of waiting for the M96 to take you from CPW to Broadway, you just grab a bike. The one on Central Park west at West 96th street has 52 docks which is a big station.

Today there was an installation of a station on the sidewalk adjacent to the condo complex known as Park West Village. When the sidewalk is wide like the one between 400 CPW and 372 CPW, Citi Bike likes to make sidewalk installations.

Citibke W 96
The Citi Bike station on the parkside of Central Park west at West 96th street is a large station with 52 bikes.
This morning a new station was being installed on the sidewalk between the Vaux condo at 372 CPW and 400 CPW.
This morning a new station was being installed on the sidewalk between the Vaux condo at 372 CPW and 400 CPW.

Citi Bike Upper west side expansion has started

Citi Bike’s long awaited upper west side expansion has begun. Yesterday they installed a station at West 87th and Amsterdam and are planning to add 20 new stations going as far up as 110th street. This will include one adjacent to the Park West Village Complex between 400 Central Park west and 372 CPW.

Do you think that having a Citi Bike station near your building adds or detracts from the property values?


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See the map of new stations

Citi bike expanding in Upper Manhattan

Citi Bike is expanding in upper manhattan, and several neighborhoods in Brooklyn. There are to be 42 new stations opened throughout in this latest wave of expansion. In the last wave of expansion, we saw stations come to the upper west and upper east sides of Manhattan.  In Manhattan, stations are supposed to go up to 110th street as part of this expansion. I am hoping we are going to get some here on West 100th street or nearby as the furthest uptown station on the UWS in 85th street and Central Park west.

Some residents are looking for stations to be closer together. Where do you think that Citi bike should locate more bike stations ?



Citibike arrives on West 84th street on the Upper West side

As part of the Citibike expansion there are now several new stations on the Upper West side including as far uptown as West 84th street. Another station is coming the Central Park west between 97th and 100th street on the super block that houses the Park West Village condominium.

Citibike has also tweaked their app so that you can know the distance that you cover on the bike and how many calories you burned.

Citibike station on West 84th street

West 84th street Citibike station

Citibike finalizes Upper West side expansion

Citibike has finalized the locations of new bike stations for Manhattan’s Upper West side. Not too much has changed according to DNAinfo from their proposed plans submitted for public feedback. One station that was slated for 100 street west of Columbus avenue was moved to east of Columbus on the northern side of the street. There will be several stations along Central Park west including one of the western side of CPW on the sidewalk between 97-100 street adjacent to Park West Village.

Initially, the stations were expected late summer but now it appears they will be installed by early 2016. Click here for the map of the stations.

Upper West side pushes for bike lane on Amsterdam ave

On the Upper west side we have southbound protected bike lane on Columbus avenue but with Citi Bike set to install new stations throughout the UWS, more bike lanes are needed. According to DNAinfo, Community Board 7 voted in favor of pushing the DOT to create a northbound bike lane preferably on Amsterdam avenue. Opinions are mixed as to if Amsterdam avenue could afford to lose a lane of traffic.

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Citibike adding more stations on Upper West side

Citibike now in expansion mode has announced several new stations to come to Manhattan’s Upper West side including 5 on Central Park west. This should be interesting as many pedestrians already often find themselves in peril walking on the streets on the Upper West side from delivery bikes and bicyclists that run lights.  This expansion is part of Citibike’s expansion plan for Uptown. Read the NYPOST article below.


CitiBike expands on Upper West side

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Citibike to expand on Upper West and Upper East side

The often troubled Citibike NYC is expanding  further onto the Upper West and Upper East side. The expansion could bring bike stations as far north as 130 street. In all, an estimated 135 new stations could be created by 2017. Residents have mixed feelings and have the opportunity to share their thoughts at Community Board hearings. One for the Upper West side is scheduled for tonight at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church on West 83 street between 6 and 7pm.