Co-op asked to interview child

Apparently, a co-op Board in Tudor City requested a potential purchaser to bring in their minor child for the Board interview. The buyer balked and got out of it by writing a convincing letter to the Board underscoring why she didn’t think this was a good idea. The Board smartly gave in and later on approved the buyer’s purchase of a $250k pied-a-terre at the Woodstock Tower. The buyer has since made a complaint with the Attorney General and is hoping to stop other Co-op Boards from doing the same practice.

I once had a co-op on Lower Fifth avenue that was going to interview the dog. Well, actually, they would have taken him for a walk and there would have been a 2 week grace period where the new purchaser would have to remove the dog if there was an incident. Thanksfully, the buyer chose a condo instead…

Read the DNAInfo article below.