Upper West side pushes for bike lane on Amsterdam ave

On the Upper west side we have southbound protected bike lane on Columbus avenue but with Citi Bike set to install new stations throughout the UWS, more bike lanes are needed. According to DNAinfo, Community Board 7 voted in favor of pushing the DOT to create a northbound bike lane preferably on Amsterdam avenue. Opinions are mixed as to if Amsterdam avenue could afford to lose a lane of traffic.

The thought is that more bike congestion is expected so we need this now. However, CPW is also available for bikes and yet when you head south on Columbus avenue, you will still see bikers going in the opposite direction in the bike lane. In addition to bike lanes, we need to continue to see more regulation and ticketing of riders that go the wrong direction in traffic or ride on sidewalks. There was a recent article about a police officer ¬†who rides around on a scooter on Manhattan’s upper west side giving tickets to bikers who break the rules.