Harlem Brownstone owner deals with condo construction on all sides

On West 123 street near Morningside avenue, a brownstone homeowner will soon have their home dwarfed on either side by a new condo. Their relationship has been amicable with the developer and at one point negotiations went on for about 1 year to see if they could be relocated. In the end, they decided not to sell but did sell their air rights to the developer and have an arrangement whereby the developer has to make repairs to their home due to any damage due to the construction which is taking place on both sides of them.

Somehow the developer would only offer them about $1.8 million for their home which is the same price they paid for the homes on either side. Probably their home could be worth as much as 2.5- 3.0 million in the fair market. Due to the properties lying outside of any historic district, the construction of the new condo is as of right and does not require any review or public approval.

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