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Thinking of selling your Manhattan apartment? Staging 101

If you are selling your Manhattan apartment does it make sense to stage it? In many cases, the short answer is yes. Staging can really help buyers to visualize the apartment and see themselves in it. I have shown many Manhattan properties when parties have really admire a good staging. Not that long ago, I was selling a loft apartment on Manhattan’s upper west side at 370 Central Park west. Since it was one big room, and empty, it was wise of the owner to go ahead and stage it. The company did such a good job that everyone that saw it, loved it. The staging in this case clearly defined the living, dining and sleeping areas. Below is a video of that property.


Another benefit of staging a home is that minor imperfections will not pop out as much as they would in a vacant apartment. Every apartment has some minor perfections even new construction. But when the apartment is empty, those items can really stand out.
For sellers that might not want to shell out $10k-$30k on professional staging, your agent can have the property virtually staged for around $100 per room which normally would be the agent’s cost.