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303 West 137th street New building construction update

303 West 137th street, a new 6 story building by Harlem developer, Icer, has topped out. It will eventually house 16 units over 14,655 square foot. It is located on a beautiful, double brownstone block, near Saint Nicholas park. The building has a brick facade and terraces. Unfortunately, the design is lacking in any architectural merit and could be the poster child for adding more landmark designations to protect historic homes and blocks.

West 137th street looking east. 303 is in the background

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The Author-  Brian Silvestry , a licensed real estate broker, has been selling residential and commercial real estate since 1999. He has sold in every neighborhood from Battery Park City to Washington Heights.


321 West 136th street construction update

321 West 136th street in Harlem is still sitting dormant with the windows removed from the building. It appears as if the property transferred late last year for $3.525 million 2 years after being purchased for $2.2 million. Plans were filed with DOB for a new 6 story building with 10,000 sqft of residential space. A loan was taken out at the same time so perhaps some sort of construction is imminent at the site.



What you should know before buying a new development condo in Manhattan

by  Brian Silvestry

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has a buying guide for purchasers of NYC co-ops and condos. Highlights include:

1- The offering plan and why you should read the entirety

2- New construction and what guarantees are mandated by law

3- Recourse in case the actual apartment is different or if there are issues on your final walkthrough

4- What to do on your final walkthrough

Click the link below the read the AG’s guide to buying a NYC co-op or condo and good luck.


I do not recommend to walk into the sales office of new development in Manhattan without an experienced buyer broker. Sales have slowed for new development and make sure you choose a buyer broker is proactive in being able to negotiate on your behalf as well as to give advice as to other buildings that will be going up nearby that may affect views and quality of life. It’s not always a given that there will be no negotiation on price/terms considering current market conditions in Manhattan especially in a buyer’s market.

Thinking of buying a Manhattan new construction condo?

With new construction condos above $4 million already in a balanced market, now may be the time to make your purchase. Let’s assume you have decided to pull the trigger on a condo purchase in a new or converted building in Manhattan what should you look for? Here’s a checklist. Continue reading Thinking of buying a Manhattan new construction condo?