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Central Park tennis courts opening day update

When I passed by the tennis courts on Sunday morning, I could see that there were no nets or lines down yet. With rain predicted for later this week, it seems like we are at least a few weeks away from having an Opening Day on the Hartru.

Hartru in bags ready to be dispatched.

Central Park tennis courts season ends today

So after another extension, it was mixed emotions we say goodbye to the Hartru tennis courts of Central Park until next year. Sunday will be in the low 40’s so probably only the most committed tennis players will be out there saying farewell in person. On the positive side, the teaching courts stay open all year round and you can get out there whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Until next year 6am players lining up, 8am doubles groups, favorite courts and of course Central Park tennis ladder aka Leon’s ladder!

Central Park tennis courts closing for the season soon

On Manhattan’s upper west side, the oasis well known to the tennis fanatic as the Central Park tennis center, is set to close November 20th. But wait…There is talk of an extension. Stay tuned or just check in with the tennis center to see if in fact you only have 11 more days to play outside on one of the 26 Har tru tennis courts mid park at 94th street.



Central Park tennis center opening day inches closer

With the Yankees having their home opener today and the Mets having their home opener Friday, opening days are abound in April. But the most important one at the Central Park tennis center is getting closer. Signage has been up saying that opening day would be this Saturday but unfortunately the weather got cold and upset the apple cart.

According to reps at the CPK tennis center, the building will be open this Saturday but due to the cold weather it is unlikely the courts will be ready on time. Apparently, in preparing the courts they need to add magnesium to the har tru and then “roll” the courts several times.

You can call the hotline from Thursday to find out more information. See you on the courts! (212) 280-0205 Right now there is a problem with their phone system and the phones just ring. They are looking into it.



Signage advertising Saturday's opening which will be delayed according to onsite reps
Signage advertising Saturday’s opening which will be delayed according to onsite reps