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15 W 96th street for sale $45 million

A development site on the northern side of West 96th street on Manhattan’s upper west side is for sale for $45 million. Permits have been filed for a 22 story building with a community use facility on the bottom 5 floors and apartments starting on floor 6. The apartments are to average just north of 2000 sqft each. So perhaps the developer has not gone forward yet due to fears of a frothy luxury market.

Apparently, there is a contract to sell the community use facility for $29.8 million according to West Side Rag.

15 West 96 street site of future 22 story condo

CurbedNY and YIMBY are reporting that three small townhouses will be demolished to make room for a 22 story condo building at 15 West 96 street. The building  can be built without LPC approval because it is just outside of the historic district. Reportedly, each floor will house a full floor condo except for the duplex penthouse. Since it’s on the North side of the street, the southern exposures will be nice from these apartments and the views especially above the tree line should be excellent.