126 Riverside drive apt 1C New York,NY 10024 Market preview

This 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom cooperative offering will be coming to the market shortly. It has been undergoing a renovation for the last several months so I thought you might like to see some pictures. Let’s start with the before pictures of the apartment and in another post, I will walk you through the after pictures.

This apartment is directly across from Riverside Park which you can see from the lovely common roof deck.


5 tips to finding that NYC apartment

The NY Daily News published 5 tips for finding a NYC apartment and their tips are quite useful for the first time buyer or a purchaser who hasn’t been in the market for a while.  Continue reading 5 tips to finding that NYC apartment

Common hosts new Furniture design show on Spike TV

Grammy award winning rapper/actor Common is making his debut as the host of a furniture design competition show. The actor who makes his home in Los Angeles tells the NY POST all about his newest venture.


Closing Costs for NYC Property

For the Seller:

Coops,Condos,residential 1-4 family
Brokerage Commission negotiable
NYC Transfer tax:
1% of price for purchases up to $500,000
1.425% of price for purchases over $500,000
NYS Transfer tax
$2 per $500.00 of sales price
Attorney fee $1500 and up
Flip tax (depends on building) 0-5% COOPS*** Continue reading Closing Costs for NYC Property

Solar power getting used more frequently in NYC buildings

Solar power is being harnessed more and more to provide the resources for NYC apartments according to the Real Deal. Governor Cuomo wants to increase usage ten fold by 2023 and plans to back that up with a $1 billion investment.  Continue reading Solar power getting used more frequently in NYC buildings

Should you buy that NYC apartment?

6 tips to help decide to buy a NYC apartment or not

Keep in mind that these tips are just a guide. Obviously, in this market where the inventory is very low, some of these factors will become marginalized. But when making a large purchase like a Manhattan apartment, entering into it with your eyes wide open can only yield better results. I chose not to include obvious factors like views, condition of the apartment and overall affordability. These will be addressed in another series. Continue reading Should you buy that NYC apartment?

Harlem petition to save the Renny

Harlem Bespoke reported earlier that there are over 1300 signatures on a petition to save the Renny which is a theater located near the landmarked Striver’s Row in Harlem. Earlier this year, the building was sold for $10 mm to a developer who has plans to demolish it and put up a new building which will also be titled the Renny.

According to historian Michael Henry Adams, the developer could save the building. I believe that it’s worth the effort. I think we need to preserve Harlem’s and NYC’s landmarks. New architecture can be at times beautiful but what makes Harlem attractive is the beautifully preserved townhouses and also architecture that you find throughout the neighborhood.  What do you think?

Harlem Bespoke coverage

Story from NY Daily News 

Sign the petition


Top 90 Celebrity real estate stories of 2014

CurbedNY has catalogued the top 90 real estate in NYC celebrity stories for 2014.

From Robert DeNiro’s West Village Pad, to Bruce Willis’ sale in the ElDorado and many others including Meredith Vieira…. See link below.


NYC sales slow in November

Streeteasy Market report is showing that November sales slowed in comparison to the previous month which is not that unusually that given the cyclical nature of the real estate market. However, they are also predicting appreciation in 2015 to be about half of what it was in 2014. In 2014, year over year values are up about 10%. I think that is probably an accurate analysis of the market under $3 mm where inventory continues to remain tight. Prices have risen to a point that it is hard to imagine appreciation continuing at the same pace.  Continue reading NYC sales slow in November

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