Manhattan buildings that may appreciate the most in 2018

by  Brian Silvestry

Right now due to the new tax laws, some parts of the real estate market will be see price depreciation. See previous coverage.

However, some developments like the Upper West side’s Park West Village may see continued price stability and appreciation. The reason is that real estate taxes and SALT (state and local taxes) will no longer be deductible beyond $10,000. So if you have the funds to purchase an apartment and your cap is below $2.5 million, paying $22,000 per year in taxes may not seem as appealing. Or let’s say your budget is $1.5 million and knowing that in one apartment you will pay $15,000 per year in taxes, most of which will not be deductible or $3600 per year in taxes? Which apartment will you gravitate towards?

This is why Park West Village which is a 4 building condo development built in early 1960’s  and other developments with tax abatement may see a surge in activity as the upper middle class purchasers get more discerning due to the lack of subsidy from the eliminated deduction.

Park west Village is located between West 97th street and West 100th street, Central Park west and Columbus avenue. Each of the four buildings has just over 400 apartments, concierge, gyms, storage, children’s playroom, live-in-super and parking available. Average common charges and taxes combine for a very low $1 per square foot. Apartment sizes range from studios of about 540 sqft (50m2) start at about $800k, to 2 bedroom/2bathrooms of 1140 sqft(106m2)which start at $1.5 million.