Lost your stock certificate for your NYC co-op?

With a New York City co-op the proof of your ownership is your stock certificate and proprietary lease. In a co-op, you don’t own the apartment but rather you own shares in a corporation. Getting a new stock certificate can be an onerous process depending on the building and management. If you have a loan, your lender probably has it as collateral so check with them first. If not then it can be more expensive to recover. Read the full article here.

2 thoughts on “Lost your stock certificate for your NYC co-op?”

  1. After reading your article A stick certificate and proprietary lease has been lost for a nyc cooperative apartment My Dad misplaced his original and the management and coop board refuses to give him anotherThere reason is that they have already given him 3 and will not give him another.Their are no liens on the apartment .Can you direct me to the next steos

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      I am sorry but I did not see this comment somehow. I apologize for that. I hope this was resolved and if not, I am happy to help you in anyway I can to get this taken care of. Again, my apologies for not seeing this sooner.

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