City sues Harlem homeowner for not maintaining home

A homeowner, Nina Jusiniano, who resides in Queens bought her Astor Row townhouse 28 years ago for just under $30k. Since then the house has laid vacant, cemented shut and may be causing issues for the neighbor’s home attached to it. According to DNAInfo, the owner is selling a home in South Ozone Park, Queens to raise funds to complete a renovation. The house in Queens, according to the article has been for sale for about a year. The Landmark Preservation Commission is asking a judge to fine the owner $5,000 per day until she renovates the home. The owner believes the home is worth as much as $900k. Given that homes on Astor Row would probably go for close to $3 million or more if in good condition, that $900k is low. The owner believes that $300,000 will be enough to renovate the home. That number seems low as well to do a proper renovation in a historic district given it has been abandoned for nearly 30 years. What’s your opinion? Should the LPC be suing owners to get them to maintain their properties or are they overstepping their boundaries?

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