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211-02 73rd avenue 1 bedroom Bayside Co-op $179,000

A 1 bedroom apartment in Windsor Park has entered the market asking a modest $179,000. The apartment which has a renovated bathroom, galley kitchen, dining alcove and spacious bedroom with two exposures is located on the top floors and faces 73rd avenue(North). It is adjacent to Cunningham Park, two express buses to Manhattan, and a shopping center as well as the Windsor Park Pool and Tennis club.

Storage and parking are available in the community which converted to co-op in 1983. Showings have begun.

Listing info and floor plan

Lost your stock certificate for your NYC co-op?

With a New York City co-op the proof of your ownership is your stock certificate and proprietary lease. In a co-op, you don’t own the apartment but rather you own shares in a corporation. Getting a new stock certificate can be an onerous process depending on the building and management. If you have a loan, your lender probably has it as collateral so check with them first. If not then it can be more expensive to recover. Read the full article here.

Co-op asked to interview child

Apparently, a co-op Board in Tudor City requested a potential purchaser to bring in their minor child for the Board interview. The buyer balked and got out of it by writing a convincing letter to the Board underscoring why she didn’t think this was a good idea. The Board smartly gave in and later on approved the buyer’s purchase of a $250k pied-a-terre at the Woodstock Tower. The buyer has since made a complaint with the Attorney General and is hoping to stop other Co-op Boards from doing the same practice.

I once had a co-op on Lower Fifth avenue that was going to interview the dog. Well, actually, they would have taken him for a walk and there would have been a 2 week grace period where the new purchaser would have to remove the dog if there was an incident. Thanksfully, the buyer chose a condo instead…

Read the DNAInfo article below.