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Central Park tennis courts closing for the season soon

On Manhattan’s upper west side, the oasis well known to the tennis fanatic as the Central Park tennis center, is set to close November 20th. But wait…There is talk of an extension. Stay tuned or just check in with the tennis center to see if in fact you only have 11 more days to play outside on one of the 26 Har tru tennis courts mid park at 94th street.



Fall foliage in Central Park

As we get deeper into the Fall season, more and more of Autumn’s colors are on display in Central Park. On Manhattan’s upper west side at west 100th street there is a “lake” aka the pool which is ideal place to view the colorful show that was once described as fireworks in slow motion. Here is an appetizer of what is to come.


Central Park Conservancy to restore paths, meadow near 86th street

One of the few areas of Central Park that has not seen restoration in the last 30 years will be received a $5 million face lift thanks to the Central Park Conservancy. The Meadow area which is mostly dirt on the way to the Reservoir near the 86th street entrance will get some new grass and sidewalk improvements as well to make the area around and to the Reservoir more accessible to people with disabilities.

Read the full coverage on DNAInfo


NYC Public swimming pools open

NYC swimming pools are open and Brick Underground has a comprehensive guide that they have published. Lasker Pool in Central Park is worth mentioning and is an Olympic size pool with lots of space though the morning session is a little more tranquil than the afternoon. One of the best tips is that the water is very cold and best on a very hot day. Read their full post to learn about the most recent renovated pool in the system as well as what to bring with you and what not to bring.

For those of you bringing the little ones, Lasker makes you leave the strollers outside but will let you bring car seats in. There is an area for the littlest little ones with fountains as the general pool can be a little raucous at times. Also the water in that area is a little warmer. Happy Summer!


What is your favorite area of Central Park?

Central Park has so many places to enjoy and seek refuge from a hot summer day. One of my favorite nooks of the park is the pool at West 100 street. It’s an area where you can see owners walk their dogs, ducks swimming, and even the occasional stray turtle planting their eggs. One of the advantages of this section is while it does swell up with picnickers on the weekend, it is nowhere near as crowded as sections closer to Midtown. That’s right Strawberry Fields, I am talking to you.


Take a visit to Central Park’s secret garden

Central Park’s secret garden aka the Conservatory Garden is often overlooked by many people but is one of the most beautiful treasures of the park. Take a quiet break underneath the pergola or one of the benches that provide shade underneath a canopy of trees. Take a look at these photos to get a peek inside. You can enter the Conservatory Garden on the East side on 5th avenue between 104-105th street or in the park at one of the two entrances just inside the park.




Central Park’s North Woods work being done

The North woods, the area around the Pool (aka the Lake) inside Central Park, in the West 100’s,  is getting some work completed. It appears that a grant has been given to do some restoration and infrastructure improvements as per the signage. About 2 weeks ago a fence went up and for a day or two a dark windscreen was up as well. The windscreen was removed but the fence remains. This is the area frequently photographed by residents and tourists alike.

image image image


The North woods seen during a winter snowstorm in 2016
The North woods seen during a winter snowstorm in 2016



Central Park Cherry Trees blooming

If you are thinking of catching the bloom of the Cherry Trees in Central Park, now would be the ideal time to do it. See the below galery of pictures that were taken today on the west side of the Reservoir.

220 Central Park south construction update

While Vornado and Steven Roth are not divulging information about their sales pace of late, what is obvious is the project is rising on one of the few if any remaining sites that is on the park. The condo will have a tower rising to 950 feet and a 13 unit sister building, the Villas with extravagantly expensive apartments. The architect Robert A.M. Stern has designed many other condos including 15 CPW which also had a tower and a house separted by a porte-cochere.

It is well documented that the luxury market is experiencing an anticipated glut and sales have slowed at 220 CPS as well as many of the other super luxury buildings throughout Manhattan.

220 CPS Vornado Realty Trust's condo designed by Robert A.M. Stern
220 CPS Vornado Realty Trust’s condo designed by Robert A.M. Stern


Central Park tennis center opening day inches closer

With the Yankees having their home opener today and the Mets having their home opener Friday, opening days are abound in April. But the most important one at the Central Park tennis center is getting closer. Signage has been up saying that opening day would be this Saturday but unfortunately the weather got cold and upset the apple cart.

According to reps at the CPK tennis center, the building will be open this Saturday but due to the cold weather it is unlikely the courts will be ready on time. Apparently, in preparing the courts they need to add magnesium to the har tru and then “roll” the courts several times.

You can call the hotline from Thursday to find out more information. See you on the courts! (212) 280-0205 Right now there is a problem with their phone system and the phones just ring. They are looking into it.



Signage advertising Saturday's opening which will be delayed according to onsite reps
Signage advertising Saturday’s opening which will be delayed according to onsite reps