Via on West 57th street Construction update

The pyramid shaped building named Via at 625 West 57th street is the luxury rental building located on West 57th street near the West side highway and is designed by Bjarke Ingels. Construction is progressing as per the photos taken today. 709 units in total and of that 142 affordable apartments starting at $565 for a studio! It is expected that there will be over 100,000 applications for the affordable apartments. No information has been released yet for the market rate rentals.





Grandparents migrate to NYC

With many families deciding to stay in NYC and raise their families here, grandparents are also coming to NYC at first to help out and then they decide to stay. Many of these grandparents as  profiled in the NYT, come from the suburbs or out of state say farewell to their lives there and start fresh here in the Big Apple.

They find that the urban environment allows them to be close not only to their families but to cultural institutions and make new friends. With this new life they sometimes even take their grandchildren on their new in the city treks.

Many of these grandparents might decide to rent their own place at first to try out New York City and then afterwards decide to cut ties with their other life and make a purchase of a New York City co-op or condo.


Chipotle to open in Columbus Square on UWS

The shopping center that already includes Whole Foods,Sephora,Michael’s, TJ Maxx, and Bare Burger will have a Chipotle soon as well. Signage went up just this week. This means that nearly all of the spaces except a couple have been rented in this retail center. The Chipotle will be located at 805 Columbus avenue on the eastern side of the street. Do you think this is a good addition to the location?

Columbus Square shopping center